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Jose Ferreira is freelance photographer, born in Lisbon in 1986, but has a current residence Algarve town of Faro. He graduated from the University of Algarve in Visual Arts where he had analogue photography for a semester, his only formation in photography. Despite his interest in photography have come even as a child, Jose begins to devote himself more to this area only in 2007 when he entered the higher education we can conclude, by observing his photographic work, Joseph Ferreira nourishes a special admiration for photojournalism and fashion photography, while performing any type of project at the request of customers. The complete collection is available here but you should really take a look in the other series because they’re simply incredible.

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Marginalized by society or nomadic and heir of a measureless culture? The history of the gypsies still stum bles around deep controversies and its condition remains tied in a complex lacing of mysteries and doubts. Our imprecise historical knowledge about his theme, tell us that this enigmatic people came originally from northwest India and, for reasons still unexplained nowadays, were forced to leave the territory, becoming nomadic. Their first steps in Europe occurred during XII century, but their presence in Portugal only dates from mid XV century. Six centuries later, gypsies are still associated with extra-sensorial and divine capabilities, and from a social point of view, are an ethnic minority that either self-exclude themselves or gets marginalized by our society. “Nomadic Sight” is a documental photographic project raised from the need to acknowledge and assimilate different sights and realities of everyday’s life nowadays, providing a different approach and perspective on these enigmatic people.

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All images © Jose Ferreira

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