mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013


Born on September 7, 1968, in Sorengo, Switzerland
After having gone in for architectural design, I realized my dream becoming a physical education teacher. During my professional development, I applied myself to photography. For me, photography represents a wonderful mean to communicate and, at the same time, to give the viewers the chance to feel emotions. I am not quite sure if it‘s me who is looking for the themes or if it‘s the themes themselves who are looking for me. Yet, whenever such an encounter happens, a picture arises, perfectly in syntony with myself and with my personality.

Aligned II Another Winter Day avec le coeur en paix vers Avenue Barn In The Middle Of Winter Blanc, léger, doux, la neige .... Cold Dive Cold Winter Day of rain Dusk forest road Graveyard I I love the last light of day inverno Italy and Switzerland in the fog
All images © Pierre Pellegrini

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