martedì 26 novembre 2013


Angela Vicedomini is an expert photographer from Gordola, Switzerland. She is expert in human nature. She try to capture desiring moments of life through photography.
“Since I was a small kid I have been involved with photography thanks to my father. I was fascinated by the possibility to immortalize the evanescent moments of life. My first subjects were family, friends and landscapes. Only later in life I discovered that photography is so much more for me, a way to stay deeply in touch with myself and to communicate to people my feelings about what I had in front of my lens A picture is worth a thousand words ... therefore, I would like to invite you to look at my photos...and you will know more about me than any Bio could tell.”

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desiring-photography-by-angela-vicedomini-07 (1) Windows-Photography-20 angelavicedomini1dx9 13428[1] parallel worlds ii by angela vicedomini angelavicedomini3ns9 Barbie Girl
All images  © Angela Vicedomini 


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