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Hugo Bussen is a professional art photographer for all his professional life.
His work has been published in e.g. Cosmopolitan and serveral prominent art magazines around the world. A number of his images are reminders of the old masters. You will find his work unique and with an unmistakable style.
As a master photograper he deserved his spurs on many levels of art photography.
Obtaining a work of art from this artist will give you joy for the eye for the rest of your life.
Hugo is an artist 'pur sang'; a painter with pixels. 

601_516954698359487_582860559_n300560_514771645244459_186315937_n 182985_514789698575987_726810914_n 296164_517964841591806_1247943914_n  378147_514789745242649_115492051_n 401147_514789648575992_798700028_n 430165_515744038480553_1086398276_n  580139_514789958575961_1089630419_n579440_514573831930907_1551790292_n943431_514416908613266_103822611_n944400_514417098613247_2041984590_n945242_514388375282786_183593745_n 1005712_530836883637935_1136343172_n931253_517411854980438_1534399221_n 1000374_530837120304578_767868893_n  1005712_530836890304601_1133316073_n 1005712_530836893637934_46100735_n The antique store The 5th doorLazy day at the beach — a Cecina Marina, Toscana. 2 View over Arezzo
All images  © Hugo Bussen

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