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It is clear that there is still too much gender inequality in women's access to economic opportunities and to actual economic empowerment.

001_Spain Spain

002_Bangla Bangladesh

006_Nepal Nepal

In most parts of the world, women still have no control of, or participation in, decision-making concerning work, capital, credit, property, technology, education and information. Yet they are working in growing numbers, and feminization of labour is a recognized process.

003_Bangla Bangladesh

007_Colomb Colombia

010_India India

Statistics had confirmed the fact that women bear the brunt of the burden of poverty. In rural areas, where most of the world's poor live, women are responsible for 70-80 porcent of the on-farm labour in some countries.

004_Bangla Bangadesh

011_Cambod Cambodia

015_China China

Women all over the world are working long and hard for survival wages,even for unpaid jobs . The challenge is how to help them make these extraordinary efforts remunerative. This means to provide women with productive work in which their rights are protected."

005_Bangla Bangladesh

012_Cambod Cambodia

017_SriLan Sri Lanka

Gender equality is not only a goal in its own right, but is important for reducing poverty and hunger, ensuring education for all, reducing child mortality, promoting maternal health, combating diseases, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

008_India India

018_China China

019_Turkey Turkey

This photographic serie forms part of a report, in evolution, that wants to be a testimony of precarious conditions of work and gender-based discrimination.

021_Egypt Egypt


035_Rwanda Rwanda
Both creates situations :
• Limited employment opportunities –gender based segregation
• Lower pay for work of equal value
• Jobs very bad retributed-endemic poverty
• Insecurity- temporality , piecework
• Non exist or poor access to health care, maternity, welfare
• Long working day, extra hours
• High illiteracy rates
For millions of working women labour rights are not respected , or even doesn´t exits.
For more than 20 years I have photographed current affairs related to human rights. Some of these stories, such as child labor exploitation or minors in jail, deliver unquestionable evidence of situations that should be abolished or, at the very least, persecuted.
Documental photography is, for me, a life-affirming attitude, a tool that lets me approach situations that captivate me, preoccupy me, and make me want to participate.
Moreover, as photographer, I work and delve into subjects that transcend present time, but intrigue me for their experience and expose me to other types of lives. Being a freelancer lets me work on personal projects over a long period of time.
My photo stories/reports/projects are distributed by photography agencies--Panos, Laif, Luz Photos--and regularly appear in national and international newspapers.

All images Copyright © Fernando Moleres

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