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Kevin A. Williams better known by the art moniker WAK, his initials backwards, is an American painter and businessman from Chicago’s Southside. He is one of the most celebrated figurative storytellers of this era with his collection of paintings being the most widely circulated urban fine art series in the world.

At the age of 15, Kevin A. Williams started working as an artist, on Chicago’s Historic East 87th Street Black Business District, drawing and painting images for clothing boutiques and hair salons. At 19, he became a cosmetology illustrator for Soft Sheen hair products which eventually led to a commission from Alberto Culver USA, to create "Standing Appointment" which depicts 4 women under hair dryers, for their Motions hair care line. It is regarded the most popular art image in the history of the hair care industry.

While developing his fine art line, Williams worked exclusively with the late Actor\Comedian Bernie Mac as his personal artist for over 15 years, creating over 20 original paintings, including a very important piece commissioned by the Actor\Comedian as a gift for Oprah Winfrey. The piece titled “Anointed Gift” was unveiled on Oprah’s televised 50th birthday celebration, and was regarded by her as “the most amazing gift”. This amazing gift currently hangs in the lobby of Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

In November 2009, Williams was commissioned by the Professional Golf Association (PGA)
 to memorialize Ted Rhodes, John Shippen, Bill Spiller, the first African-American inductees to the PGA who were denied membership during their professional careers, along with honorary member, heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis. Williams also made history by becoming the 1st African American artist to have a painting to permanently hang in the PGA National Museum in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

He currently resides in Lithonia, GA with his wife and son.

In these portraits, K. A. Williams captures what must have been The Worst Sight ever seen, Africans stand on the shores of the coast of Africa looking out into the Trans Atlantic Ocean and their eyes behold The Worst Sight ever seen, a slave ship approaching. Tears well-up in their eyes, and they are overcome by a feeling of helplessness and rage as they feel evil in the air. 

In questi ritratti, K. A. Williams cattura quello che doveva essere La Vista Peggiore mai vista, africani in piedi sulle spiagge della costa dell'Africa che guardano verso l'oceano Atlantico ed i loro occhi vedono La Vista Peggiore mai Vista, una nave che fa la tratta di schiavi che si sta avvicinando. Sono sopraffatti da un senso di impotenza e di rabbia come se sentivano il male nell' aria.

- 1619-1865, anni della schiavitù nelle colonie inglese (poi divenute Stati Uniti d'America 
- 1619-1865, years of Slavery in the english colonies (then became United States of America)

All images © Kevin A. Williams

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