sabato 21 dicembre 2013


Moscow based photographer Anastasia Karpenko tells us that she has always wanted to travel and now finally sees this dream united with her passion for image making; the results are captivating.
In Space & Time, a travel series that in name hints to the treasures within have been taken in countries such as Laos, Ethiopia and India. Karpenko’s talent is evident; her images resolutely lock poignant moments in time, and in particular the portraits of Dogon dancers capture what can only be described as a lightness of being.

clip_image001 Anastasia Karpenko, Dogon portraits. Dancers without masks.

Moved by these portraits and with our curiosities peaked, Karpenko tells us that she is drawn to the Dogon for their deep ancestral connections and patrimony. She hopes that her images might celebrate these people, their beliefs and customs. So convinced is she that she unabashedly confesses, if she has the chance to go back and spend more time with the Dogon, she would be back in a heartbeat. Perhaps next time she muses that if she has the funds and time, instead of digital she would love to do a series on the faces of both men and spirits the later with the conspicuous masquerade masks, all shot with an old wooden large format camera set on a tripod. What a sight that would be.

clip_image009 Dogon dancers without masks was shot in Tireli, Dogon, Mali.

All images © Anastasia Karpenko

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