martedì 7 gennaio 2014


Emmanuel Smague is more "old school" than "high tech". The tools of his trade : a Leica MP, one lens, and loads of film. "I'm always seeking a closeness and proximity to my subjects, which is why I only use a 35mm lens". His camera gives him an excuse to go up to anybody to meet them, and he will choose his destinations with a photography project in mind : the Transsiberian train, the nomadic people in Mongolia, the ragpickers of Cairo, the inhabitants of Chernobyl, prostitutes in Bangladesh...

A book of his photographs taken in Iraqi Kurdistan is published by "Les Editions de Juillet. Latest news : as a winner of the "Sur le vif" contest organized by French magazine Réponses Photo, he has been given a FinePix X100 camera and told to bring back some shots : they had to explain to him what a "digital camera" was. 

All images © Emmanuel Smague 


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