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Maciej is a Polish photographer and gallerist living in London, UK. Maciej was born in Bialystok, Poland in 1976. After graduating in 2000 from university in Poland with a Master degree in Computer Science he moved to Hong Kong where he stayed for almost 4 years working as a researcher and programmer. In October 2004 he relocated to Cardiff to work at university again as a researcher and pursue a PhD in computing. He left the university in January 2009 and has been working as a photographer since then, in the meantime completing his PhD studies. In February 2010, together with Joni Karanka, Maciej opened a photography gallery in Cardiff, called Third Floor Gallery. In May 2012 Maciej moved to London.
Maciej is an experienced photographer and traveller. He has worked on various projects home and abroad – in Europe, Asia and Africa. His interests are social issues, humanitarian aid and development, but most of all travel and street photography. Maciej’s photos have been widely published around the world and he is a recipient of numerous awards.

All images © Maciej Dakowicz

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