giovedì 10 luglio 2014


Born in Jastrzebie Zdroj (Poland), Damian studied photography at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. After the first year he decided to look for a different direction and began his search for a photography he could really call his own. He came to London, where he completed a course on Black & White Photography at University of the Arts in London. Discovering street photography became a turning point is his life. Damian has been documenting London's streets life for the last few years with some great results. Damian Chrobak (b. 1977) | based in London (United Kingdom) | started photographing in 2003 | member of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers (since 2010) | founder of un-posed, a street photography collective assembling several leading artists of this stream who were born in Poland but work in different countries in Europe and North America | his works were published in The Guardian and many other literary magazines in Poland and abroad | author of some covers for books and recordings | participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions 

All images © Damian Chrobak

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