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“I am a British photographer, who has resided in Tokyo for sixteen years.
At the present time, I have 73 photographs on exhibition in Berlin. The exhibition has been shown also in Potsdam and Quasimodo. The money raised, will go to a library and school in Zanzibar.
On October 16th, 2009, three of my Burma images were auctioned to raise money for Refugees International Japan. They succeeded in raising 160,000 yen (approx. $1600) for the charity. I continue to do volunteer work for the organisation.
In 2010, I won the Weekender Japan’s 40th Anniversary photography contest and the Asia Foundation competition. I was also a winner of a Honourable Mention Award in the 2008 International Photography Awards (IPA), and won three more in 2010.
I was recently featured and interviewed in Unearthing Asia Magazine. You can read the interview on page 110 in the online: edition:
In July 2010, I was featured in The Japan Times newspaper:
My travels across the globe have taken me to countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, Peru, Burma, Nepal, Thailand, India, Bolivia, China, Laos, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Cambodia, the whole of Western Europe, 26 states in the US and many other places. For me, travel is an education. I am fascinated by different cultures. I also enjoy trekking, having climbed in the Himalayas, Andes, Alps, the Rockies and Mount Fuji, as well as hiking in the Amazon and in the jungles of Asia. You can read all about my various adventures, as well as see my photography and art at my website
I am very much involved in the campaigns to free Burma and Tibet from the oppressive governments that rule over them. In particular, this has stemmed from a strong connection with Burma, after being lucky enough to travel extensively throughout it on four visits there. The Burmese people are the most gentle, beautiful and kindest I have yet met anywhere. It is time that the Burmese and the Tibetans are released from the hardships that they have had to endure for far too long. I urge you all to become proactive in the fight.
My life is driven by a passion for mysticism. I particularly adore Buddhism, and practice Zen regularly. My travels across the globe have allowed me to witness and partake in a myriad of sacred rituals.”

All images © El-Branden Brazil

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