lunedì 8 settembre 2014


 Bashar Shglila (aka Ben Taher ) has been called: “One of the most talented photographers on flickr!” and “Pure art from a pure photographer!” 
“My Name is Bashar Shglila from (Tripoli, Libya). I have a BHC degree in “Computer Science” and I work in the aerial survey field. The nature of my work has helped me to move from one place to another without having to pay expenses and this has allowed me to photograph different images from different places…
I started photography four years ago just as a hobby, but after two years a lot of things have changed …
I began to receive numerous offers to buy my photos and I have also received more than one invitation to participate in art exhibitions! I now sell a lot of pictures around the world and I earn a good amount.
My pictures have appeared in magazines, newspapers and books. I have also participated in many exhibitions inside and outside of Libya!!
You may not believe me but I use only compact cameras for my shoots and have never used DSLR cameras or Special lenses … I started with Sony P-200, Sony N2, Sony H10 and now I’m using Sony HX1… “


All images © Bashar Shglila

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