sabato 6 settembre 2014


The Los Angeles-based artist's recent photography project, "The Elders,"  features older generations of her city's most vulnerable, whose striking stares, tired skin and open demeanor show the humanity within the too-often dehumanizing issue of homelessness.
"I am inspired by the soul that I see and feel  when looking into the depth of the eyes of people a little older, perhaps a lot wiser, and with life stories that are marked on their faces, stamped with the age of beauty and time," Boschet states on the project's Facebook page. "For I see beauty in every line."
The photo project highlights individuals whose diverse backgrounds allow Boschet to explore the cultures, religions and lifestyles of each subject in profound and eye-opening ways.
"Togetherwe engage in interesting and deep conversation,"  Boschet wrote. "We part with a respect for one another and a gentle and compassionate bond that was shared for only a small amount of time, but for me, it is time that will always be memorable and that I will look back on and treasure." Fonte

All images © Aimee Boschet

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