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Kaushik Majumder is a teacher by profession of a primary branch school of Ramakrishna Math & Mission. He belongs to a well educated cultured middle-class Bengalee family of Calcutta, India. Photography is not only a hobby to him but a medium of feeling the human society in all aspects of life too. Passionate about photography, his particular area of interest is ‘PEOPLE’. He likes to travel in leisure and to watch the cultures of people through the lens of a camera. In course of his travels he likes to frame the emotions of sorrow and joy as well as the social customs of people including the rituals of different religions. He captures moments of human life, cultures of a place or people, festivals, sports etc as well as the facial expression of people with this camera. As a photographer he regularly participates in salons & contests at national and international levels. He has successfully achieved ‘AFIAP’ Distinction from the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique and got many awards from photographic salons and contests. As a learner he also attends photographic workshops. Along with photography he believes that every human has a social duty and as a follower of this view he takes part in social welfare activities. He believes in truthfulness and honesty. In the field of photography he is inspired by the works of legendary photo artists of past and present.

All images © Kaushik Majumder

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