sabato 9 gennaio 2016


To many people, the Austrian photographer, Joachim Bergauer, is no stranger at all. Especially his work as a professional photographer spread his fame far and wide, but this is not all he does.
He also runs an advertising agency, is an up-and-coming consultant to agencies and has also been active for years as an artist, to name but a few of his activities (the list is quite incomplete, sorry Joachim).
What sets him apart from many other professional photographers and artists is the fact that he is very successful in his work, especially internationally. His exhibitions always find wide acceptance and are very popular.  To my shame, I must admit that I did not know Joachim previously, and his photographs, for the greater part, were either unknown to me, or I had not consciously taken note of them.  I actually discovered some of his pictures on Facebook – it was the series on Mauretania, Senegal, etc., – and I was immediately fascinated.  This forced me to check out his portfolio and to experience more of his work.
As is to be expected, his work over the entire spectrum is of a very high quality and in photographic perfection. It is not easy for me to see what photos are attributable to contract work, and which were done without the pressures and demands of clients. They all have that certain something, especially the portraits, which is one of his hobbies. They are so full of expression, full of life, and impressively show what is possible when one knows his craft. In addition to the portraits, there are other areas where one can admire the Joachim’s various facets, his game with grace and charm, sensuality and aesthetics, the skilled use of light and shadow. Of course, many photographers do this, but only a few manage to combine these into a great whole, and even fewer can achieve this constant high level. A look at his portfolio is worthwhile in any case, because in this small article we cannot do Joachim justice. This is a great and pleasant photographer producing excellent work with a lot of inspiration and creativity.

All images © Joachim Bergauer

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