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Jacob James is a dedicated and passionate Humanitarian, Travel and Cultural documentary photographer. Jacob specialises in providing a range of multimedia solutions to aid non-profits in creating thought provoking social-awareness campaigns. He has worked with some incredibly inspiring non profits such as Mae Tao ClinicCompasio and many more…
Jacob also has a slightly obsessive love for travelling. Throughout his journeys he aims to travel with minimal impact on the local areas by staying in low-cost family run accommodation, eating local food and traveling by local transport where possible. He has a passion for seeking new cultures and engaging people of all backgrounds to produce images which give the viewers a true representation of the subject he is shooting. 
With a passion for black and white portraiture, his images have been commended worldwide and published in various books. His work has already been supported by some of the top photographic manufacturers such as Manfrotto, SmallHD, ThinkTank Photo, Rycote, Beachtek, Cintetactics and many more. See Jacob’s current list of sponsors for 2013 here.
I ran into Jacob James while browsing through Google+. I’ve always been inspired by people who knew exactly what they wanted to do from a young age. My passion for photography didn’t develop until I was 24. Even then I didn’t really see the importance of it until much later. Jacob left me in awe for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost is he’s a great photographer, especially being so young. Secondly, he already understands the importance of photography and is doing things with it to change people’s lives. – Andy (
Jacob is also a member and supporter of various humanitarian organisations who work to promote peace, freedom, education, healthcare and inspiration across the globe.
The Young Photographers’ Alliance (YPA) charity was created to help young photographers aged between 18 and 29 bridge the gap between their passion for photography and professional success.
Throughout Britain, there are thousands of young people who have the talent and desire to become professionals. While digital technology has made the mechanics of taking pictures easier, the industry itself, already complex and competitive, is becoming ever harder to break into.
International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP) is a membership-based network of visual communicators and staff united around one purpose: Visual Peacemaking. We are an international community composed of multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds. IGVP visual communicators use their craft to breakdown stereotypes of the “other,” to display the dignity of cultures, and to show the common humanity amongst peoples of the world. IGVP isn’t interested in glossing over conflict, tragedy, or injustice. However, IGVP believes that highlighting the beauty and dignity of people is a more creative and redemptive pursuit than “shock value.”

All images © Jacob James

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