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Photo shoots often contain scantly clad women, however they don't really take the time to show a genuine appreciation for the human body. There's an emphasis on sex, but the true visual beauty of our external beings is often missed. Photographer Carl Warner  presents a series that does just that, and we promise you'll never look at body parts the same. 

Quite simply, his series
 "Bodyscapes"  contains images of body parts as landscapes. You see the muscles and contours of body parts, but he has manipulated human skin and made it look like hilly terrain. You can easily forget what you're really looking at as you get lost in the valleys and ridges of arms, legs, and torsos.

Behance , he describes his project as "an alternative portrait of a human being whose body becomes a landscape of themselves and plays on the sense of space in which we dwell. The external view of ourselves therefore becomes a more abstract and perhaps more intimate reflection of our inner being when viewed as a landscape or given a sense of place."complex


Born in Liverpool England in 1963, Carl now lives in Kent and works from his London based studio near to London Bridge’s colourful food emporium of Borough Market. Having worked as a photographer in the advertising business for 25 years Carl stumbled on the idea of making landscapes out of food just over ten years ago and these ‘Foodscapes’ have now brought him world wide acclaim for his very own unique and individual art form.

This has led not only to many commissions for international clients such as Nestle, Unilever and General Mills, but also to a publishing deal with Abrams books which saw the launch of his first book ‘Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes’ in November 2010. His work has been used in children’s hospitals, childhood obesity clinics, by nutritionalists and many other good causes to promote better eating habits in both children and adults.

Carl is has now completed his second book ‘A World of Food’ which will be for children and will feature poems which are also written by Carl, he is now starting to exhibit his work around the world to audiences both young and old who enjoy the ‘pleasant deception’ of his imagery and the escape to his gastronomic paradise.

All images © Carl Warner

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