venerdì 26 febbraio 2016


I have been passionate about street photography for quite long time. Most of my leisure time I spend with my passion and do what I can to improve myself and get myself more in depth of it. To me Street Photography is not like that you learn it overnight so easily. It takes more than study and practical experiment. It will take a lot of efforts to go a step forward and if you be consistent with it, you will be making something really precious one day. That \"One Day\", when will it come in your life, you never know. But it will come for sure. This is what I truly believe and keep saying in my mind, it keeps me inspired and charged to go out and shoot, to try something new. Street Photography has always been a challenge to me. I have been dealing with it since I started shooting street.

All images ©  Faisal Bin Rahman Shuvo

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