sabato 5 marzo 2016


Haris Kakarouhas is a greek documentary photographer and winner of the European publishers award 2003 for his book Project Cuba, suspended time In this interview we take a closer look at his Cuban photography project along with an in-depth look at Haris’s philosophy as photographer. With a strong academic background in photography, Haris goes into detail on a number of visual concepts that are refreshing relief in an age of superficial imagery. eyevoyage

All images © Haris Kakarouhas 

Haris Kakarouhas was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Cartography at the University of Thessaloniki, and Color Theory and Visual Perception at theUniversity of Glasgow (M.Sc). He also holds a Ph.D in Photography from the University of Derby (title of thesis: ‘Prosopography’ - Mapping the self). He studied several different forms of art therapy in the Voicing Institute in Switzerland, Puna Multiversity in India, as well as other practices of contemporary physical psychotherapy (Freedom Institute - Amsterdam, Netherlands). hariskakarouhas

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