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Graduated from a comprehensive school. He has been working in the field of photography since 1954. He has been a member of the SULUJ since 1960; Master of photography FAY since 1967; holder of international awards: Artist FIAP* (Afiap) 1967, the Excellence FIAP (Efiap) 1973. He started his pursuit of journalist photography in the ”Svetlost” publishing house (Kragujevac), then he moved to Belgrade and continued his activities in ”Borba”, ”Sport and world”, ”Mladost”, ”Yugoslav review”, and ”Economical policy”. From 1970 until the retirement, he was the editor of photography in the “NIN” magazine. During that period he published his photographs on over 700 covers of this important political magazine. At the same time, alongside his work in the photo-journalism, he worked in the field of app­lied, advertising, fashion and underwater photography. He is a member of ULUPUDS* and the Journalists Association of Yugoslavia and Serbia. In cooperation with the Yugoslav institute for journalism, in 1995 he initiated a training course for news-reporters, and, as the department mentor, he educated over 300 young people, most of whom are important figures in the field of newspaper photography. From 1980, he worked in the field of underwater photography. He recorded at the coast of the Adriatic, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea. From 1993, he worked as a solo artist. He made photographs for various newspapers around the world. He was a correspondent at the Yugoslav Ministry of Information accredited by important photo agencies: Reuters, East light, Contrast, UNICEF, and for the past eight years he has been reporting for the Corbis-Sygma agency from Paris. He lives and works in Belgrade. website

All images  Tomislav Peternek

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