venerdì 1 settembre 2017


Maxime Franch is a student in Photography and fascinated by this Art for years.
He started in 2012 and Indeed, it is thanks to the acquisition of his first Reflex that the pleasure of the Photography appeared to him.
It is during an atypical meeting that his deep inspiration appeared : during a school outing, he saw a man sat on the floor in a commercial street, and his eyes stopped on him. He observed him during about ten minutes, before deciding to talk to him. He first offered him something to eat and as the language barrier was forbidding us to communicate in better conditions they started a dialogue made by intonation and gestures.
During that "dialogue" he asked him to proceed with a shooting and he agreed immediately. It is from this time that his vision of the Photography changed, about what it could carry out and especially on these left behind that nobody see...
This is the way his series on the Homeless persons started, with this man, which up to now remains his most beautiful photographic meeting. darkroomgalerie

All images © Maxime Franch

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