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“My name is Brett Rylance and i started my life's journey in geelong, victoria but sydney, new south wales has been my home for the past 30 years. i live here with my beautiful wife and son and have traveled all over the extraordinary country of australia and through other timeless towns and regions overseas. i believe i am a dynamic and friendly person who enjoys capturing art that tells a story. my style is quite diverse but my main interests are celebrating life through the capture of interesting, beautiful people and the world that we live in.
I have a wedding and family lifestyle portrait business called sydney hills photography that keeps me quite busy. i have a separate website for those interested in those services:
"I am an accredited professional photographer recognised by the australian institute of professional photography (aipp). i am fully supportive of aipp's efforts to regulate the industry to some degree.
I am an awarded photographer receiving gold and silver print awards and have been a featured photographer of destination new south wales. i have had my photos published in national geographic, and other australian and overseas photography sites.
I have been involved with photography since 1990 when i bought my first slr camera prior to traveling overseas to europe. those were the film days and i taught myself a lot on that trip that ignited my photography passion. i have been on the journey ever since as technology has improved and witnessed all of the camera, lens and digital post processing changes. while the basics haven't changed and good composition and light is the key, technology has narrowed the gap between an enthusiast and professional photographer, which i think is fantastic and encourage. the more people that get to learn this art, the more chance we have of seeing another ansel adams or robert capa and exhilarating images of our world and the people in it.
I often reflect on ansel adams' timeless quote:
"a true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words" 
This is the main reason i love this craft. it is so much more than beautiful art - it is more that the photograph portrays a message that is simple to comprehend visually, yet cannot be adequately put into a simple description. i really strive to represent this in my images as that is what photographs are about, telling a story of our beautiful world and the people and other living things in it that make it so special. i hope you see this in my images and hope they tell a unique story for all of you...
I love sharing my images, going out on shoots with other avid photographers and talking to anyone who is interested in photography.
I really hope you enjoy the art as much as i enjoyed capturing it and i will leave you to reflect on a burk uzzle quote:
"photography is a love affair with life"  Brett Rylance  website

All images © Brett Rylance

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