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My name is Arianna and I was born in Rimini, a beautiful Italian City on the coast of Adriatic Sea. I have very strong bonds with my land, and I’d never change it with anything else.My shop is called SKINWEAR – it is a big studio in the heart of downtown Rimini. It is not a “street shop”, as we decided to open it in an apartment of an 1700’s old palace .Since I was a child I was always drawing, even though I never attended to any Art Schools. A few members of my family are good at it, therefore I think I have inherited this skill from them.I am not interested in painting and everything I draw becomes a tattoo or a flash.10 years ago, Rimini already had a good amount of tattoo shops, but no-one was looking for an apprentice. Only my Trusted Tattooist, – the same person who later on became my Mentor -, only he noticed my sincere interest. My presence at his studio was constant, but never overwhelming though. I felt I was in the right place, and I liked to help around, even without anyone asking me. At the end, after a little more than one year, I was accepted as apprentice, because of my efforts and my enthusiasm. It was a great experience, fundamental to my growth as an artist and I will always be grateful to my mentor for it.I understood then, that this could become my profession.
Especially during the toughest moments – it has been 2 years before I could take the machine for tattooing in my own hands ! Before that, I was doing everything else from washing the tubes to mopping the floors…everything else but tattooing !After 3 years I left “home” and started working for another tattooist closer to my house. I owe him a lot too: with him I became more and more familiar with everything and I had the chance to manage the studio during Summer Time.
After having learnt the basics, I opened my first Street Shop and I had it for almost 3 years. During that time I never stopped learning, and even now I always think there is “room for improvement” in my art.
At the beginning it was not very easy, especially here in Rimini. Most of the people viewed a tattoist merely as a person who would execute all their requests, even the craziest ones. As time went by, however I can say that things had changed for the better, and I succeed in gaining the trust of my clients and their friends, either from the city or from cities nearby. People know I am a tattooist, they show me the subject that they want and I draw it. People know my style and seek me for it.
Of course I also work on people who just want a “flash”, however our clients are mainly the recurrent ones , people who know of me and my style and with whom I was able to create great relationships.
“Traditional is my favourite tattoo style maybe ‘cause it’s like me: direct , clear and solid. It has a strenght and a stability not easy to find in others styles. It’s a real tattoo!!! With traditional you can to express everything and it’s perfect with words of love or war….i love this romantic side of tattoo!” Arianna.
It’s with no doubt the style that satisfy me the most: both technically and grafically.The reference points for my draws aren’t books about art or stuffs like that. I take my inspirations from books of simbology, anatomy, ethology , illustrations of 1700-1800 and by talking with some peoples outside tattoo world.


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