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“I’m a Danish fellow currently living in Vietnam on the 5th year now, working as the director of an advertising agency in Hanoi.
Hanoi can be quite a busy little town, as opposed to quiet little Denmark, so I try to escape it regularly on my motorcycle with the camera on my back. Most of the pictures here are from these little trips and from daily life in the city.
I bought my first dSLR 2 years ago, and quickly got terribly fond of taking pictures … Actually I enjoy developing them even more … I have been working professionally with images for about 14 years, so I see far more options than restrictions, which tends to make me believe that any picture can be nice if you work hard enough on it in post. Quite a silly and timewasting idea really, and you will find many examples of this kind of odd thinking in the gallery …
Let me know what you think!”

6AM Hoi An, Vietnam by Thomas Jeppesen Hoi An, Vietnam

A night at the opera by Thomas Jeppesen A night at the opera

Ao Dai dance by Thomas Jeppesen Ao Dai dance

Big Ear Lady - Chiang Mai, Thailand by Thomas Jeppesen Big Ear Lady - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Big smile, red mouth ... Vampire by Thomas Jeppesen

Big smile, red mouth ... Vampire


Clay figurine salesperson from Hoi An by Thomas Jeppesen Clay figurine salesperson from Hoi An

Fisherman Hoi An, 5am by Thomas Jeppesen Fisherman Hoi An

Friendly Hoi An lady by Thomas Jeppesen Friendly Hoi An lady

Girl covered by Thomas Jeppesen Girl covered

Hmong girl Hmong girl

Horse brakes by Thomas Jeppesen Horse brakes



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