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Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times…I just shoot at what interests me at that moment.
Kolkata, West Bengal, IN

clip_image001© Paul Nilot - Rural bengal of india 

clip_image002© Paul Nilot - in the dark

clip_image003© Paul Nilot - watching

clip_image004© Paul Nilot - kalna 108 siv mandir - 600 years old lord siva temple, kalna ,west bengal,india

clip_image005© Paul Nilot - Bull race of west bengal

clip_image006© Paul Nilot - morning bath

clip_image007© Paul Nilot - way to sea

clip_image008© Paul Nilot - play

clip_image009© Paul Nilot - Bull Race of west bengal

clip_image010© Paul Nilot - street of kolkata

clip_image011© Paul Nilot - Untitled

clip_image012© Paul Nilot 
clip_image013© Paul Nilot - Nature

clip_image014© Paul Nilot - play

clip_image015© Paul Nilot - play in evening

clip_image016© Paul Nilot - relax with nature

clip_image017© Paul Nilot - nature of bengal

clip_image018© Paul Nilot - daily work of rural lady..

clip_image019© Paul Nilot - waiting

clip_image020© Paul Nilot - Cruel Reality of our indian Society

clip_image021© Paul Nilot - freedom

clip_image022© Paul Nilot - flying a kite with such stormy skies

clip_image023© Paul Nilot - our future is on the cards

clip_image024© Paul Nilot - daily work of people of kolkata

clip_image025© Paul Nilot - pain of life

clip_image026© Paul Nilot - after rain

clip_image027© Paul Nilot - storm comming

clip_image001[1]© Paul Nilot - A vagabond

clip_image002[1]© Paul Nilot - Early checkmate in Life

clip_image003[1]© Paul Nilot - illegal business

clip_image004[1]© Paul Nilot - Valueless

clip_image005[1]© Paul Nilot - daily business

All images © Paul Nilot

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