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Busan, South Korea

A retired engineering manager formerly working with the design and development of the International Space Station. Now studying photography full-time.

Evening Calm

Doug is a native of Jasper, Alabama, USA, born the fourth of five children in his family. Upon finishing high school he served his country in the US Army for almost eight years. His military service required frequent travel including overseas assignments in Europe and Asia, and during that time he developed a passion for traveling. From early in life he possessed a love of artistic undertakings including the artistic aspects of engineering, music, and photography. Through the years he became accomplished with three different musical instruments and performed regularly in several musical aggregations, was a successful software engineer and manager with a major NASA contractor for 20 years, and now is heavily engaged in his life-long dream of full-time photography.

At Busanjin Station Catering Lunch City Fishing

Doug bought his first 35mm camera while on military assignment in Germany in 1972. He began using it while traveling throughout Europe on weekends, holidays, and vacations, and immediately became hooked on landscape and travel photography. He subsequently continued to hone his photographic skills over the next several years as he traveled in Asia and The United States.

Christmas at Hollys Coffee Shop Foggy Daybreak At Hambaeksan Getting Ready For Action

In the late 1980's he bought a top-shelf 35mm camera, three additional lenses, and a powerful speedlight that helped to open up additional photographic opportunities and further develop his photographic skills. Using these new 'toys' he developed a passion for nature photography and spent untold hours in the Smoky Mountains photographing indigenous animals, concentrating primarily on deer and black bear.
 Hambaeksan Morning Walking In Gwangbokdong Healthy Paddies

In 2004 Doug bought his first digital camera. The features of the digital camera were similar to the features of his latest film camera so he moved seamlessly into the world of digital photography. He is equally at home with both black & white and color formats. Doug's work has an international appeal and his photos have been featured in the following venues:
          *   Solo exhibition in Busan, South Korea
          *   Group exhibitions in Busan and Ulsan, South Korea [with impending group exhibitions in Daegu, Changwon, and Busan]
          *   Featured twice in National Geographic's Daily Dozen
          *   Published in the book "2011 Pusan Photography," with all profits earmarked for helping orphaned children
          *   Published in "Stark Magazine," with a portion of the profits earmarked for Doctors Without Borders
          *   Published in the book "Cafe Pusan"
          *   Published in a photo anthology in Europe
          *   Featured in seventeen categories at
          *   Featured numerous times at
          *   Two-time winner of Weekly Challenge at
          *   Winner of Photo Of The Month at
          *   Nominated for Photo Of The Month at

Jagalchi Merchant Lady At Wits End Crate Wagon

Doug prides himself in being approachable. He is equally at home with professionals, novices, and those in between. He loves to share his photographic experiences but has even more fun listening and learning from the experiences of others.
All images © Doug  Craig

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