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Antonio Turok was born In Mexico City in !955. He is an internationally know documentary photographer that has worked in Central America, Mexico and the United States for the last thirty five years covering the human condition of the people of Mexico.

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Mr. Turok is a recipient of the following grants: National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), Maine Photographic Workshop Book Award, 1994 Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography Award, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and the USA-Mexico Fund for Culture Rockefeller / Bancomer Award and The FONCA-National System Award for Artists in Mexico. He has published two books, Imágenes de Nicaragua (Casa de Las Imágenes 1988) and Chiapas: End of Silence (Aperture 1998). His work has been collected by numerous museums in Mexico, Europa and the United States at Los Angeles County Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, Wittliff Gallery of Mexican and Southwestern Photography San Marcos, Texas and many more.
Mr. Turok lives and teaches in Oaxaca, Mexico where he continues to document the human drama that surrounds him.

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In the mountain towns, the camera is still a dangerous curiosity. It has had to lose its "ego" before it was allowed to take a photograph. The ego behind the camera is a ghost that moves by pure instinct, intuition, reverence; it learned to stalk, to see what was in front of it, and to recognize the precise moment.
The beauty does not escape; it is deepened. Under the surface, under the skin, in the caverns of the Lord of the Earth, and in the grottos of the heart, something is moving, this world is not still and its photographs vary like the climate. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Chiapas  1 Chiapas  2 Chiapas  3 Chiapas  4 Chiapas  5
All images  © Antonio Turok

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