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Eugeni Forcano (Canet de Mar, 1926) entered the world of photography like a whirlwind, answering Josep Vergés and Néstor Luján's invitation to joint the magazine Destino in 1960. Self-taught and intuitive, he gazed with wisdom, passion and irony at all around him. In 1964, Joan Perucho highlighted the human depths of Forcano's work, whilst in 1966, Josep Pla, always sparing in this praise, said of him: "He is a great photographer, a great artist. He is different and unpredictable. Singular". According to José Corredor–Matheos Forcano "makes us to see that reality is always surprising". Forcano has the gift of anticipation. Andrés Trapiello insists that "the most important thing in his photographs is the beating of all that is still alive", whilst Josep Maria Espinàs considers that "you can hear his characters speak".
Photography marked Forcano's life forever. An evolutionist and a dreamer, his career embraced different stages: fashion, illustration, symbolism... as well as painstaking research into colour as a new form of artistic expression. Jorge Rueda, writing about Forcano's colour photography, congratulated him: "At last you have managed to photograph sighs". Javier Pérez Andújar defines him as follows: "He is, more than an avant-garde photographer, a vitalist photographer who understands the language of his time".
The facts would appear to confirm this. According to Josep Maria Huertas Claveria, Forcano is "one of the greatest photographers Catalonia has ever produced".

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All images © Eugeni Forcano

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