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Richard Dumas is represented by Gallery VU'

Richard Dumas is not a portraitist, but a photographer. In contrast with another photographer named Richard (Avedon, to be exact), Dumas is not a socialite or a star because he shoots celebrities or fashion photographer. This distinction is not intended to tarnish this celebrated photographer's essential role but to better understand Dumas's personal talents.

He is immediately recognizable by his somewhat dandy-like elegance and his intuition for strong and restrained contrasts. His pictures seem to be out of time, transforming them into icons through the mystery of his square or rectangular compositions, which holds unexpectantly the vibrations of light. Richard Dumas' refined photography is nourished by literature, Portuguese cinema, and a rich variety of music ranging from jazz to rock.

Richard Dumas non è solo un ritrattista, ma un fotografo immediatamente riconoscibile per la sua eleganza un po’ dandy e la sua predilezione per i forti contrasti. Le sue immagini, collocate fuori dal tempo, sono capaci di divenire icone avvolte da un alone mistero che scaturisce attraverso vibrazioni inaspettate di luce. Questa fotografia raffinata si nutre di letteratura, cinema portoghese e un soffio di musica che spazia dal jazz al rock.  designplayground

All images © Richard Dumas

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